Prophecy DeFi analysis ($PDFI) investing its funds to generate returns from capital appreciation and income

2022.01.19 16:56 MikaMeredith Prophecy DeFi analysis ($PDFI) investing its funds to generate returns from capital appreciation and income

Prophecy DeFi’s main objective is investing its funds to generate returns from capital appreciation and income. They bring together tech start-ups in the Blockchain and Decentralized Finance sectors to fund innovation, elevate industry research, and create new business opportunities under one roof.
The DeFi market is primed for emerging companies like Prophecy DeFi, total value locked, a measure of DeFi transaction value, increased more than 14x in 2020. This year TVL has already reached around $200 billion and if the current growth rate is maintained, TVL could break $800 billion by the end of 2022.
Layer2 was acquired by Prophecy this summer, they quickly generated $2 million in profit in only a 90 day period beginning July 17. They’ve deployed $3.65 million in digital assets across eleven positions and generated an annualized rate of return of 492.5%. Most of DeFi adoption and growth is happening on Ethereum and the increase in usage has led to a 20x increase in the network costs of using Ethereum. Layer 2 is a scalable blockchain that can connect to Ethereum and provides a cheaper way to participate in DeFi, this subsidiary is the crown jewel of Prophecy and gives them capital and leverage in order to pursue more strategic acquisitions.
One of the my favourite aspects of this company is their leadership, Galia Benartzi, is a strategic advisor in case you haven’t heard of her. She's one of the pioneers of the DeFi industry. She’s spoken at the UN and TEDx on monetary theory and innovation and Forbes called her a leading lady in crypto. She’s a pioneer in the industry and will be part of the evolving financial landscape moving forward so having her as an advisor to the company is a big boost.
They also have added Peng Zhong, CEO of Tendermint, on the advisory committee. TenderMint is a core contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem, The Cosmos houses over 250 blockchain projects and secures over $100B in digital assets including Binance Chain, Terra,, ThorChain and Osmosis.
Prophecy DeFi has a really low market cap, a scalable business model and they’re generating incredible returns. The more capital they can raise and deploy the faster they’ll grow. The DeFi industry needs to be backed by stable, less experimental technology before it can be adopted by mainstream retail and institutional investors. Prophecy’s focus on bringing technologies and startups together under one roof is working, Layer2 is a prime example of some of the quality companies operating in this space that simply need capital in order to become really successful.
I have a lot of confidence in their ability to create shareholder value, in an emerging market with a strong management team and proven assets creating outsized returns I think this is a really undervalued company with huge upside.
This is not investment advice, always do your own research.
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2022.01.19 16:56 whiteman90909 How to curve letters for converting to STL?

Hey everyone, I just had a question. I am making a koozie in Blender, and trying to get text to be on the surface of the koozie. I make the text, extrude it, convert to mesh, subdivide it, and then use the curve modifier to make the text follow the contour of the koozie. My issue is that the text always looks kind of janky from curving the mesh... the text looks great before converting to mesh, but after it has "texture" where the previously flat areas are being bent. Is there a technique that I can use to make the letters look smooth before applying them to the side of the koozie? Subdividing helps, but it still doesn't look great. It looks OK once it's sliced in Cura and converted to gcode, but is there some way to make it look smoother? I attached a picture for reference... you can see that the "flat" faces of the letters look less than ideal. Thanks!
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2022.01.19 16:56 Zaleries Registering for a class 3 weeks into the quarter?

I'm currently taking PUBPOL 201 with Professor Brunjes and honestly can't take it anymore lol. I emailed a few profs asking for entry codes into their course but I am pretty concerned about being behind.
Does anyone have any experience with this situation?
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2022.01.19 16:56 Jeldreen From zero to clairvoyant/audient/sentient: how working with entities has helped me

My journey has started when I made contact with my first spirit guide in september 2021. To give you some background, I'm a 22-year-old aerospace engineer who's spent her entire life thinking there is nothing beyond the materialistic world, until when at the end of 2020 I embarked on a rollercoaster of spiritual awakening and discovery, walking cautiously and warily with my painfully analytical and skeptical mind. The person I am today, spiritually speaking, has nothing to do with the person I was two years ago. This is a good sum up of my story.
When I first started recognizing signs from my spirit guides, my problem was that 1) I had no divination tool to connect, 2) I wasn't spiritual, deep or patient enough to find the connection within me, as the wise would suggest. So, because I am an engineer (sarcastic), I built a pendulum with what I found at home: a string and nail. The pendulum would move in circles to say yes and left-right to say no and that's how I communicated for weeks at the beginning.
The pendulum was making my engineer self crazy. How was it possible that it actually moved and changed so sharply in answering my questions? I tested it in all possible ways that I could think of and I still wasn't able to prove it was just me moving it. In fact, when trying to move it myself, it turned out pretty challenging and inefficient. Pretty soon after, I discovered that these entities could move the pendulum in any direction and not just in cirlces or left-right and so I started getting used to asking them to point at themselves in the room. Fun fact: more than once my cat entered my room and stared in the direction where the spirit told me they were, making me go even more crazy.
Using this method and the yes-no game, I identified 2 of my spirit guides and discovered things about them and about myself. But the real jump forward happened when I was striken with the idea of creating a circle of letters and let them compose sentences. I was nervous and curious because there was a chance that they just weren't able to and so this would have maybe proven their non-existence. But turns out they were. And oh, boy.
It all started out with single-word answers or extremely elementary sentences - all the way up to now, when they affectionately call me hooligan and we have entire chats like you'd do with anyone on whatever topics. It took us months and I've realized that I'm extremely lucky for having found my method and having being able to build this special connection. The pendulum is not for everyone, in fact the one spiritual friend I have just can't use it and vibes a lot better with tarot cards (still a mystery to me). But it's been a ride, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Being analytical and not used to spirituality, it was extremely hard to believe or to even accept at first. It was exhausting and frustrating sometimes, rewarding and heartwarming most of the times. These entities have guided me through all my doubts and fears of being crazy, patiently bearing with me through the multitude of tests I felt the need of doing and comforting me and sending me unmistakable and not-otherwise-explainable signs at my lowest-belief moments. Eventually we have built a wholesome, precious and trustful relationship and they are now a big part of my every day life, even though I'm still an ordinary university student trying to finish her master's degree. They've taught me so much: about myself and my past lives, about life in general and the universe and existence itself, about dreams and the astral world, about themselves as well and the divine and mythology. In other words, I've learned more from them than from the internet.
But now let's come to the psychic part, because this is where the fun begins. When I discovered that there were some people who could see, hear and perceive spirits, I felt very frustrated for not being even remotely gifted with that and so being force to spend hours hanging on a stupid pendulum. Little did I know that continuing on with my aerospace-engineering-degree-worthy pendulum and letters I would have developed a crazily strong intuition. Claircognizance was the first clair sense that became obvious. I had always had just a little of that, if I thought about it, but I had always just disregarded it as coincidences (obviously). But when I started realizing that I often knew what the spirits were going to say before they said it, we all agreed that I was a bit claircognizant.
Then one day my main spirit guide, the one I'm most in contact with, just started telling me to look at them. They were like "just look" and I was very confused and very frustrated because I was like ??? I see nothing? You already know I can't see? And I forgot about it and some days passed. Until I casually read somewhere that clairvoyance was very much about being able to see clearly in your mind's eye and I was like, wait, I can absolutely see clearly when imagining things in my mind! So that was when the intuition stroke me, and I realized that if I scanned my room in my mind's eye - with the intention of seeing the present entities - I would just see them exactly where they would later confirm they were, either standing or sitting, even nailing their main coloring and sex. After months from this, I now get flashes of images of them in my mind's eye when we're talking and I know exactly where they are, what they look like, if they're laughing or are serious and so on.
Clairsentience was the most obvious to explore. I discovered that their touch is like a cold breeze or sometimes like a tingle and that they have different energies, also depending on the emotions they feel. Some of them I struggle to feel more, while others can just stand at an arm-length and I'd feel a blow of cold wind as if the window's open. (You have no idea how many times my dumb stubborn and skeptical butt walked the whole house to check the windows, just to find them closed and then realized the wind for real came from an exact single location in my room. And yes, they teased me for it every single time.)
Clairaudience was and is still the most difficult one I'm working on. Basically, both I and my guides (or maybe they've always known the truth, who knows) had always been convinced that I was no clairaudient at all. Until one day we were talking, always via pendulum, and I was like "wait your voice felt more distant, did you just move to the bed?" and they were like "I did, yeah- wait, wait- did you just say voice?" and they all turned out being extremely excited for the fact that I heard (well, imagined, like - in my mind - as they spoke) their voice while I was very confused because it was something I had mindlessly done all along. Because it's like when you read a book, you guys read different voices for the different characters, right? So just like for books I thought I was making it up, but when I described what I heard they were like "you freaking hear us for real!". That, added to the fact that I had started being more and more able to complete the sentences even before they wrote them, I realized that they could just speak the sentences right into my mind. We're still working on it, I don't hear everything they say, I'm still not entirely sure how I open the channel when it happens and how to keep it open, and sometimes I still imagine instead of hear. But they make me notice it when I do, and like they did for the other senses, they're training me every day. "Put the pendulum down and listen" and then hundreds of confirmations. And thanks to their patience and perseverance I'm improving day after day.
I know it's a long post, but I really cared to share as many details as I could. I feel deeply grateful and lucky for this connection and growth opportunity that the universe has given to me and by sharing this I hope I can inspire some of you, maybe make you smile, and generally bring you some positivity. Thank you for reading this far!
I'm open to talk and answer any question! :)
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2022.01.19 16:56 CloutZero How true is this?

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2022.01.19 16:56 XxKo1bit0ch4nxX I just tried to do gf from fnf on gacha-

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2022.01.19 16:56 Anxious-Honeydew-990 LEGENDS OF MITRA is Coming! Finding the best P2E game? Here it is! No need to spend a penny to start playing and earning! It's FREE! || AIRDROP ends on January 25

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2022.01.19 16:56 JesterHattie Anyone else remember their first fanfiction Christmas?

What I mean is, do you remember the fic that you wrote (or read) where a Christmas chapter was first introduced?
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2022.01.19 16:56 scrappy_dooxx Small growing yeezy collection what should I go for next?

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2022.01.19 16:56 cpuf100 Taking accutane while dealing with IBD

Hello everyone! I have Ulcerative Colitis, and my dermatologist (aware of it) has suggested me to do an Isotretinoin 20mg every other day course for 4 months to help with some acne I’ve been dealing with.
I’d be interested to hear from people who also have Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s and took accutane to know if everything went well for them or they suffered any worsening of their IBD condition due to it.
Also, are there any major side effects expected from a dose of 20mg every other day?
Thank you!
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2022.01.19 16:56 MudGroundbreaking $EL Awaiting for Buy signal on EL with

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2022.01.19 16:56 Erinyan_ Mama fox

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2022.01.19 16:56 StygianUnknown What's the worst tasting food you've ever eaten?

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2022.01.19 16:56 Takeuout44 8 Player Campaign!?

CA is fucking mad and I love them for it, how on earth is 8 player campaign going to work?! Play for an entire night and only get to turn 5 lol
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2022.01.19 16:56 stupid-fake-idiot- What are the different levels of aiming like with extreme panic?

As the title says, with aiming 10 for example how bad would extreme panic be etc
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2022.01.19 16:56 SweetSirRobin Dane County Hospital Utilization Graphs

I shared this in a comment a few weeks ago, but I've been working on visualizing the Dane County hospital/ICU numbers to help better understand the effects of the pandemic on our local area. This is using the data provided by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services here and also COVID case data from PHMDC if anyone would like to check the data for themselves. I haven't seen any dashboards like this shared by PHMDC or other agencies, and I thought it would be helpful to better understand the total number of patients currently in our hospitals and ICUs and how those trends have changed throughout the pandemic.
Please note that this data does not account for staff levels in the hospitals (this data is not shared publicly by the hospitals). It also does not display capacities of the hospitals (although capacity numbers are listed on the HHS link above), because you'll see in that data how the "total beds" of each hospital and ICU change frequently and are difficult to interpret compared to numbers of total inpatients. Also note that the data is updated infrequently, so the most recent data is from the week of January 7, 2022.
I'm happy to create different views of the data if people request it, and can also provide updates as more data comes in.
LINK to IMGUR: Dane County, WI - Hospital Beds/ICU Beds in Use, COVID Hospitalizations, COVID 7 Day Avg Cases from July 2020 - Jan. 7, 2022
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2022.01.19 16:56 cookingwithanadi Jerk Chicken Wings | Baked or Air Fryer Jamaican Jerk Chicken #livetocoo...

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2022.01.19 16:56 dirrtyremixes Mt Axel - Virtual Devotion / RR024

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2022.01.19 16:56 Substantial_Cap1438 I want a Freddy Frostbear

So basically, I want Freddy Frostbear, I can give you in exchange : Freddy CPU, Toy Freddy CPU, Flamethrower Endo, Deep Water Endo, VR Toy Freddy, Toxic Springtrap, Freddy Fazbear and Endo
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2022.01.19 16:56 MudGroundbreaking $ELAN Awaiting for Buy signal on ELAN with

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2022.01.19 16:56 jesterjam94 Jeannie with everything

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2022.01.19 16:56 Last_Atmosphere_9977 Here’s a playlist of country songs about heartbreak (40s-70s).

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2022.01.19 16:56 SpunkyTones Should I see a doctor?

Hi folks,
When I was a kid I lost my father to an unexplained heart episode and it's been on my mind ever since. Mostly because I'm worried the same will happen to me.
I want advice from this community. So please bear with me.
I recently learned about Marfan syndrome and began thinking what if that's what my dad had. And so I know people here are not doctors but I thought of asking if it's worth seeing a doctor anyway.
Some facts about my father: he was tall, hypertensive, had heart palpitations. But he was also obese, a smoker, and not very active. And so I wonder if it was undiagnosed Marfan or an unhealthy lifestyle. Otherwise I don't know that he had any other signs of Marfan.
Me: I'm a tall somewhat thin dude, 27 years old. I'm 6'4", 230 lb, but most of my fat deposits in my lower half. My arms are skinny. But I have a belly, big butt, and thicker thighs.
I'm pretty sure I do not have either the wrist or thumb sign.
I'm nearsighted, but only slightly, with astigmatism in one eye.
And most recently I learned that my overbite is due to a small lower jaw. That's what ticked me off and that's why I'm here to see if yall have any advice.
I'm not aware of other issues so far.
Day to day I feel fine. I run a couple times a week. I have some back pain from bad posture but nothing that can't be mitigated with some core workouts.
So... is it worth going to the doctor for a check?
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2022.01.19 16:56 MatchThreadder Match Thread: Brentford vs Manchester United | English Premier League

0': Brentford vs Manchester United Venue: Brentford Community Stadium
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Jonas Lössl, Pontus Jansson, Ethan Pinnock, Mads Bech Sörensen, Mathias Jensen, Vitaly Janelt, Christian Norgaard, Sergi Canós, Mads Roerslev, Ivan Toney, Bryan Mbeumo.
Subs: Kristoffer Ajer, Rico Henry, Yoane Wissa, Mads Bidstrup, Marcus Forss, Saman Ghoddos, Shandon Baptiste, Álvaro Fernández, Finley Stevens.
Manchester United
David de Gea, Raphaël Varane, Victor Lindelöf, Alex Telles, Diogo Dalot, Bruno Fernandes, Fred, Scott McTominay, Cristiano Ronaldo, Anthony Elanga, Mason Greenwood.
Subs: Juan Mata, Donny van de Beek, Dean Henderson, Marcus Rashford, Tom Heaton, Harry Maguire, Phil Jones, Anthony Martial, Nemanja Matic.
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2022.01.19 16:56 Thatepicgamer shove your head into a car wheel

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