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thco affects on lamictal and seroquel

2021.12.01 12:43 kizzi_11223 thco affects on lamictal and seroquel

so i’ve just started taking lamictal. im at 25mg and am working up to 50mg over the next two weeks. i also take 50mg of seroquel at night to help me sleep. my doctor isn’t sure if im on the bipolar spectrum but i might have inherited a latent gene from my paternal grandma.. as of now i’ve been diagnosed with ptsd, anxiety, and MDD but my depression hasn’t responded to any anti depressants so that’s why we’re trying anti psychotics and mood stabilizers… i haven’t noticed any significant affect smoking regular weed, but im nervous to smoke thco since it’s more potent.. i bought a 150mg blunt and im scared to smoke it… has anyone noticed any effects smoking while taking any of the drugs?
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2021.12.01 12:43 Furtheryet Good places to eat in ABQ that are nice for visiting (don't need to have alcohol)

I'm meeting an old friend from school on Saturday. Neither of us drink. But we do like good food, and we are planning to do some serious visiting. I'd like some suggestions on good places to eat, where we won't get pushed out as soon as we finish eating, and that have a nice ambiance. I'm open to different types of food.
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2021.12.01 12:43 Heman-pwr-of-theunvs This doesnt have to do w $elon but is anyone good with wallet transactions w cbw and ethscan bc i need help with something and it would be much appreciated !!!( whome ever helps me fix my thing ill send them some elon)

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2021.12.01 12:43 RamiJaber How I fixed my extremely rough 10R80 transmission without taking it to the dealer.

I have made posts on this subreddit in the past complaining about my transmission issues and dealerships requiring me to leave the car there for weeks just to inspect it.
I finally solved my issue. I installed the Stage 0 COBB accessport tune. Stage 0 from COBB is their own version of the stock tune. According to them it’s identical to stock.
So if it’s identical to stock, why did it fix all my 10r80 transmission issues? I have a theory. Many people said their issues were fixed when they took it to the dealer and the dealer “updated” their cars software. My assumption is that the COBB stage 0 mimics the most updated mustang software, and therefore installing stage 0 on my car basically updated it.
I no longer have extremely rough downshifts and erratic up shifts. My car is smooth.
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2021.12.01 12:43 AffectionateSeesaw52 How early can you start applying for entry level jobs?

Prospects for fellowship are not looking good. Considering applying for entry level PharmD positions but not sure how early I should start if graduating in late May?
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2021.12.01 12:43 No_Reason_2032 Problem with Collision in LiDAR pointcloud

So I'm working on a project, where i want to move through a LiDAR pointcloud with my VR-character. I'm not that experienced with Unreal Engine so i don't know how to fix my Problem. Always when i'm trying to run up a hill or something similar my character gets stuck at even the smallest edges. Is there a way to fix this, or maybe get the collisionbox of my character to float a bit over the ground?
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2021.12.01 12:43 Cotillion0899 Power and Purpose - from "The Witcher: Season 2" soundtrack

Power and Purpose - from submitted by Cotillion0899 to netflixwitcher [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 12:43 PizzamanSWAG In Case Anybody Wants To Deny My S Tier Kanye Stan Status

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2021.12.01 12:43 AlexBruno1227 What would you do if your girlfriend has depression and it was bothering you?

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2021.12.01 12:43 nimuuuuuu Y'all ready to show off your Spotify wrapped? lmao

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2021.12.01 12:43 Tim_Narnimee One Last Cresselia Raid 5565 5293 8490

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2021.12.01 12:43 Tank_Hawkeye Guy from Chernobyl. Finally a match.

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2021.12.01 12:43 Ultima_Magnus 🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign! Join us lets build a team of Heroes!

🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to become the #1 DeFi Token in Crypto. Lets do this guys! Lets get this Cheddar!
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Heroic Reflections: All Aqua Shiba holders will observe their token balance grow through Reflection Rewards at intervals as the community grows. This function will allow holders to effectively earn interest over time and will scale as the community grows.
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2021.12.01 12:43 garden_data_nerd Can you name the airport?

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2021.12.01 12:43 OKane1916 Can I fence outside in a park or similar area?

I have recently taken up fencing with some friends and I’d like to practice with them outside of the sessions we have at the club, doesn’t anyone know if there is any law preventing us from going to Regent’s Park one day and doing it in the fields there?
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2021.12.01 12:43 wgrantdesign Scx10 ii stripped a gear. Is it worthwhile to replace these gears with metal instead of ordering a new transmission?

Scx10 ii stripped a gear. Is it worthwhile to replace these gears with metal instead of ordering a new transmission? submitted by wgrantdesign to crawling [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 12:43 saqib-bhatti Almighty Shiba - P2E NFT Game + 8% BUSD - Presale Launching 2nd December 6pm UTC

Almighty Shiba - Play 2 Earn (P2E) NFT Game + BUSD Reflections!
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⚡️AUTO Reflections in BUSD - 8% from each transaction is given to holders in BUSD
⚡️HYPERDEFLATIONARY - 25% burned at launch. 250 Trillion burned on launch on Pancakeswap
⚡️ANTI-WHALE - 0.1% max sell per transaction to prevent dumping. 1% max holding per wallet to prevent large whale holdings
⚡️ANTI-BOT - Known bots blacklisted on launch to prevent bot sniping and dumping the price on launch
⚡️LIQUIDITY - 3% of each transaction goes into locked liquidity to ensure a healthy and growing liquidity pool as the community grows!
⚡️Shiba Gods NFT Collection - NFT collection focused on the Shiba Inu gods that will be used in the P2E NFT game that is being developed post launch
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💵14% Tax on every transaction
🍰 8% BUSD Rewards
📰 3% to Marketing
🔥 3% to Liquidity
Hold your Almighty Shiba to earn BUSD reflections every hour paid automatically to holders. Minimum holding of 20 Billion Almighty Shiba to earn reflections.
✅ Launch at 6pm UTC on 2nd December 2021
💬 Telegram: - https://t.me/almightyshiba
🌐 Website: https://www.almightyshiba.io/
🕊Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShibaAlmighty
🙌 Join the community now to find out more! 🙌
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2021.12.01 12:43 kidanokun One of rappers Calli is afraid to diss

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2021.12.01 12:43 LyssabeDamned Does it not feel obvious Willbender Needs a mainhand focus to punch.

is it just me or was this spec originally designed as a monk spec but got reworked because they fear the mainhand focus.
like the whole spec is punching and kicking and then alll of a sudden we get a offhand sword.. which is truly the worst part of the spec..
i mean the sword literally does nothing.
I think if we got a mainhand focus this class would shine like hell. '
also id love to see it get the theif concept of dual weilding.
especially if we keep sword. because i hate hitting things with scepter.

end rant.
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2021.12.01 12:43 kvapilnation Spotify is telling me something

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2021.12.01 12:43 Tooth-Laxative Streak 81: Krankenhäuser

Heute fahr ich nach Krankenhaus mit meine Mutter weil ich eine Gesundheitliche probleme habe. Heute war das Krankenhaus sehr inhaltslos, das war eine Überraschung.
Hier, wo ich lebe, lebt mehr als eine Million Menschen. Deswegen ich bin gewöhnt zu überfüllte Krankenhäuser.
Endlich gab ich etwas Blut dann fährt zurück zu Hause. Keine Sorge, meine Probleme ist nicht so seriös.
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2021.12.01 12:43 thevenusproject1981 The reason I hold 🟣 🧘‍♀️

The reason I hold 🟣 🧘‍♀️ submitted by thevenusproject1981 to amcstock [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 12:43 Carrot_Slatt United dreamsexual and taliban flag

United dreamsexual and taliban flag submitted by Carrot_Slatt to DreamsexualLove [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 12:43 AustinRatBuster 5 Days Until Dogeoin's Birthday

5 Days Until Dogeoin's Birthday submitted by AustinRatBuster to dogecoin [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 12:43 Not_Ayn_Rand Looking for 2 bedroom apartments in Morningside Heights/UWS up to $4000

Hi, we are a couple looking for a 2 bedroom apartment to move in late December (current lease ending Dec 31st). Budget is $4000. We would like to be in UWS or Morningside Heights but West Harlem and Hell's Kitchen are also OK. One of us is commuting to Washington Heights and the other commutes to Financial District. We strongly prefer no fee listings at this time.
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