The Pokemon misconceptions that frustrates me sometimes

2021.12.01 11:56 AerielMenace The Pokemon misconceptions that frustrates me sometimes

I've seen a lot of confusion with the Cubone line that makes sense if you listen and try to understand my theory. Idk if this has been done before but it's what I firmly believe.
Cubone is a Pokemon with the skull of its mother. But it's mother is in the day care...... Well because it's genetic mutation and evolution.
If you notice about the Kanto region almost every Pocket Monster is really weird when it comes to their physiology. For example Charmander. It's a lizard on fire how does that make sense? Well Kanto is the mutation region. Back in ancient ancient to of Pokemon for some unknown and unexplored reason at least in the Kanto region animals mutated. Which would make sense because then Pokemon like Rapidash and Charizard make sense. Rapidash is a horse that adapted to its mutating environment and developed fire powers and from when it mutated and evolved those traits passed down through generations and perfected and made the pair Ponyta and Rapidash today.
When it comes to Charmander and Charizard it's simple they were lizards who developed fire powers and learned to grow and become a flying fire lizard similar to a dragon which would make sense its not a dragon. It's not a dragon it's a giant winged lizard who happens to breath fire but Charmander started with it so it's excused. But Dragons are basically lizards but with wings at least our understanding of them even though most dragon types don't hold 100% true to this.
So with Cubones line back way when Kanto started to become the mutation region, Cubones ancestors experience some kind of outbreak or something that killed their parents off and those Cubone took the skulls and bones and used them. But over time especially with the type of possibly radioactive region (which would also explain some things about the Kanto region more and maybe the whole Pokemon universe, but Kanto would have the most dense radiation compared to other regions) and due to how Kanto and evolution is Cubone became Marowak eventually and fused with the bones they've been using and it became it genetic makeup. Which would explain why Cubone has its dead mother's skull while Marowak is just sitting in the day care.
My "Kanto, the pollution region" theory explains other weird Pokemon like Muk or Voltorb, they're just mutations that became living beings with a genetic make up due to how the region is and the power of evolution.
I hope my theory makes sense and some people actually care somewhat. But that's just a theory, A Game Theory 😎 Thank you for your time
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2021.12.01 11:56 thickisthenew_black New

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2021.12.01 11:56 Kassittaja69 Can't say that he's wrong

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2021.12.01 11:56 Edoc_intel I will be relocating to a different city here in Germany because of work and my landlord does not want to give me my full deposit. I paid three months worth of deposit and he claims he will only give me two. As this is a special case, is it legal for the landlord to do this?

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2021.12.01 11:56 Infamous_Reflection8 Does anyone know about the quality of these?

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2021.12.01 11:56 Revolutionary_Dig524 A follow up from my last post with Jesper.

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2021.12.01 11:56 biwinning_tigaa What's wrong with living one's life with a "no favours" policy, where one expects something in exchange for doing things for others?

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2021.12.01 11:56 Maleficent-Panda2968 I absolutely love this! if I hadn't just been totally drenched in a freak downpour... I'd upload a pic. It's my new second skin!!

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2021.12.01 11:56 Ejpitty I leveled up today 😊

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2021.12.01 11:56 Noimnotsally linux- what is this,is it one of my devices, showing up in chromebook?

new to chromebook and computers, i was doing the new 2 step sign in and it had me check all my devices. said i have 6 devices.
here is what i do have, but no idea, what or where this linux is? is it someone trying to hack me?
i have, amazon echo dot, samsung 8 phone, acer spin chromebook, and 2 security cameras from amazon.
again ,no idea if or what it is, i have deleted it. any help, please eli5. thank you
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2021.12.01 11:56 _joshkatz Canadian dialect quiz

Hello good people of reddit β€” I’m working on making a dialect quiz for Canadian English.
It’s still in development, so it can't yet make guesses about where you're from, but your responses will help make it better. Let me know what you think. Are there any Alberta regionalisms it's missing?
username: dialect
password: pecan
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2021.12.01 11:56 TGates27 Insiders bought the dip on #1 most short

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2021.12.01 11:56 Jubbm First trimester, trouble staying asleep

Hi everyone,
I just found out I'm pregnant, 4weeks +3 days. We are very excited! The only thing is that the exhaustion is getting to me, but even more is the fact that I can't seem to stay asleep. I go to sleep, sleep for 2-3 hours then wake up fully awake and it usually takes me 1-3hours to fall back asleep. I've never had trouble sleeping pre pregnancy so I'm struggling. I've tried using meditation apps but I seem to feel restless. Has anyone else experienced this and could suggest anything that worked for them? Any help would be greatly appreciated! πŸ’ž
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2021.12.01 11:56 Deep_Panda_3747 How can you trigger this fanbase in one sentence?

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2021.12.01 11:56 StatDoc Me with my CLOV stock

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2021.12.01 11:56 sweetchristmas24 In a non-fiction phase, any gripping historical non-fiction ?

After reading fiction for a few months, I am back into a non-fiction phase however I do not know where to start.
Any recommendations welcomed!
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2021.12.01 11:56 knowwonnoes Slapposting?

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2021.12.01 11:56 OhReallyYeahReally84 The Firewalker (Titan solar PVP build - lore, mods, usage and a few clips)

"You were born a long time ago, during the last Ice Age, in the Ural mountains.
Life was harsh, food was scarce, but the cold was unbearable. Your parents died at young age to a bear attack, you "bearly" escaped by jumping down a ravine into a snowy mound. You recall being around 16 at the time. You survived for almost 3 months, all by yourself, scraping for food in the cold winter, only to succumb to frost.
It is said that guardians, once revived, do not recall their past life. And for the most part, you don't.
You don't remember your name, your family members' name or even their faces.
But you remember the bear attack, the panic, the sadness, but most of all, the quivering cold.
How it broke you, deep inside your bones, before it finally took your life.
When your ghost revived you, you felt pain and shivering tremors, as if the cold from centuries ago was still punishing you for having the audicity to live again. You vowed to never feel cold again."

This build focus in two things:

The health part is obvious, you want to stay alive as much as possible, especially with such silly ttks nowadays, and the ability regen part is because abilities give you Sunpots.
I love playing Titan and I wanted to abuse Path of the Burning Steps and Bottom tree solar titan, Code of the Siegebreaker.
As most of you know, Code of The Siegebreaker is very good for a couple of things:
  1. Ability kills grant you health. This includes grenades, melees, super, even the barricade if you use Khepri's Horn!
  2. Those ability kills, leave a Sunspot. Sunspots makes all your abilities recharge faster, your super last longer, and your weapons to deal more damage.
Combine that with all solar weapons (use a weapon with osmosis in the kinetic slot) and my exotic of choice, The Path of Burning Steps, and you have multiple ways of dealing extra damage with your weapons, of healing yourself, and setting-up a mini-engine of ability energy.
The weapons:
Kinetic: Traveler's Chosen. It has Osmosis. It is excellent for close quarters and recharges your abilities, to help you generate more Sunpots.
Energy: Arctic Haze. Mine has Thresh, which gives you more super energy. You could go Chrysura Melo, it has more range and Wellspring, which gives you energy for all uncharged abilities. I just like Arctic Haze more.
Power: I'm using Archon's Thunder, but I "need" to find a Thermal Erosion with Wellspring. For the same reasons, being solar and giving back ability energy on kills.
For grenades, I'm using Incendiary Grenade, so I can bounce it around cover, but Thermite is just as good, maybe even more in theme. Someone that dies to the fire damage from Incendiary Grenade will leave sunspots, not just on the initial explosion. Also, being able to track people behind walls, as they run from you, but are still burning from your Incendiary, is also valuable.
I'm using Strafe Lift and Towering Barricade. All other options suck for me.

Mods that matter, on my armor:
2x Auto Rifle Targeting (I suck, I need help with aim)
Surprise Attack (to use those charges with light on Traveler's Chosen if someone pushes you)

Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle - Yes, because it breaks other barricades easier and punishes people standing in line in tight corrirdors. Alternatively, use Auto Rifle Loader.
High-Energy Fire.

2x Unflinching Auto Rifle (I suck, I need more help with aim)
Radiant Light - the bonus to team work and strength is much welcomed.

Legs (The Path of Burning Steps)
Recuperation - Get that health back
Innervation - Get that grenade energy back.
Sustained Charge - Get some charges of light, by doing multi-kills with Auto Rifles or Machineguns. Yes, it also triggers for Trace Rifles, so you could use Prometheus Lens(the solar one), but that leaves you with a problem on the Kinetic slot. I prefer Traveler's Chosen and Arctic Haze, but as long as you have most ranges in check (Arctic Haze is not too bad, most maps are small, and again, you can swap to Chrysura Melo for range) and you generate ability energy, it works.

Class item:
Outreach: Melee ability energy by using another ability, your barricade. Feel free to burn a barricade if you think you'll really need a melee for healing+sunspot.
Powerful Friends: More team sinergy and a well needed boost in Mobility.

Final stats, as you can see in the screenshot, are well-rounded, nothing crazy, but that's why the ability regen on the weapons exist.
Mobility: 60 (The more, the better, this is the most I could come up with, since I needed Recovery)
Resilience: 70 (Survive Thorn 2 head and 1 body I guess, probably a 60 in here would suffice)
Recovery: 100 (I had to, it's way too important)
Discipline: 50 (didn't care, ability energy comes from sunspots and weapons)
Intellect: 50 (didn't care, ability energy comes from sunspots and weapons, my energy weapon has Thresh anyway)
Stength: 70 (didn't care, ability energy comes from sunspots and weapons, but ended up being quite high)
The Firewalker
We have melee range covered, because our explody punchy fists generate sunpots, close quarters (shotgun range that melee can't reach with a lunge) is covered with Traveler's Chosen, just backpedal if you see a shotty ape.
We have medium range covered with the Arctic Haze (mine also has Killing Wind, so it extends a bit even). We don't have ultra long range covered, as we are not using a scout, long range pulse or a sniper, but we do have a barricade. Move from cover point to cover point, use a barricade, heal up, move to the next point, until you are close enough for your Auto Rifle. That's it.

The play loop/usage is quite simple:
Don't be the aggressoape. Be an anchor. Support your team with sustained fire from your Auto Rifle. If you get a kill and generated a Sunpost, move onto it if you can. Remember, multi-kills from your solar auto-rifle will activate charged with light(that you can spend with High Energy Fire) AND Firewalker on your boots. Standing on your Sunpots is also a damage boost (I don't think it stacks, but it is an alternative way of having an extra damage source).
Use your abilities to support your Auto Rifle shots, by trying to finish someone off with a grenade that just went into cover for example, then grab that Sunspot.
Another favorite of mine is setting up a barricade, pretend you're clueless, they approach you, go through the barricade, take damage, and you finish them off with a punch that generates a sunspot. Sounds stupid, yet, it works every single match at least once.

If you read up until now, you're the real MVP, appreciate it.
Try the build out if you like playing Titan, but not the usual way (assuming punchy/shotty aping is the usual way), you'll have fun!

See you in the crucible.
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2021.12.01 11:56 No_Entertainer_3447 Love that look 😍

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2021.12.01 11:56 Wide_Customer1676 Got the call πŸ“±βš«οΈ

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2021.12.01 11:56 spaceshipgodx High elo jungler coaching all roles, fixing mistakes, tailored for each and every one with a totally affordable price.

Hello, my name is spaceship, an EUNE player who peaked challenger playing jungle, even tho i am currently sitting in d1 due to other stuff i have to manage and not having enough time to put into the game. I realized I could do something other than play this game, and that would be teaching others to play it... and I gave it a try. I have about 200'ish hours of coaching and through all that experience i coached all roles and maximum rank of grandmaster, thus i find my qualification to do this job. My sessions would prefferably be live games through discord screenshare or VOD reviews via discord as well. Watching your live games and VOD reviews i would be spotting your mistakes thoroughly and telling you what you could've done better to not get u in the same situation in your future games and explaining general stuff that i notice you are lacking in order for you to climb more. After each lesson i would ask you what you have learned and eventually if u requested it for example i would play a matchup in a solo lane or demonstrate some ways of clearing in the jungle as the champ u played if you would need to look at how it works (i did this before, it shows results). If you are interested in my services hit me up on discord!

discord: GUCCI SPACESHIP#3333
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2021.12.01 11:55 ShampooDetector (SPOILERS) Here's a small *moth* art I did

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2021.12.01 11:55 bustyLaserCannon Two Godox TT685S's + an X1T-S trigger for first speed light setup? (a7iii)

I want to start trying out and getting into gel light portrait photography but I've never tried using flashes. I have an a7iii and I normally use a Tamron 28-75 on it.
I received a X1T-S flash trigger for a birthday present months ago and haven't gotten around to buying the rest of the gear until now.
I was thinking about getting two TT685S flashes to go with it. These are compatible right? Would this be a good starting point? They're Β£95 right now on Amazon and I found this umbrella mount kit that should be compatible right?

Do I need anything else? (Aside from willing subjects ha)
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2021.12.01 11:55 dookiepants New Volvo Owner!

Just placed an order for a new 2022 XC60 B6 Momentum! super excited, but it's not arriving until April (GTA - Canada).
Anything I need to be aware of or anything I need to do? probably questions for the dealership, but does my warranty cover oil changes for the first few years? does anyone do their own oil changes here on these new vehicles?
I'm coming from a 2007 RAV4, so this is my first brand new vehicle, ever.
happy to be part of the community!
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